My name is Amber Irsik, I was born in 1980 in St. Cloud MN.  After my father passed away in a boating accident, my mom and I packed up and moved to CO.  My mother met and married my step father when I was about 4 years old, they had 3 more children after me and we moved around CO for the next 10 years before settling in Fort Lupton.  I attended high school there and started making little seed bead necklaces and bracelets for fun and sold a few to friends and family.  I graduated in 1998 and attended the University of Northern Colorado for 2 years.  I enjoyed taking art classes and even jewelry making classes there.  I transferred to Western State College in Gunnison  (yes, for a guy) where I finished my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in graphic design in 2002.  I married said guy the following August and we had our first daughter in 2005.  I got a job in 2004 as a designer/prepress tech at a billboard printing company called Circle Graphics where I was able to continue freelance graphic design and marketing my own business in my free time.

It was after Nevaeh was born that I started making jewelry again, as gifts, for fun and for a creative outlet.  My mother challenged me to make enough jewelry to hold an open house party, and put together a catalog.  I did all of that and had a successful $400 show!!!  I continued making jewelry on request and passed my catalog around.  I started my website in 2007 and have uploaded over 400 different products to my site since!  My son Olsen came in 2009 and after a brief break in my business I picked it back up with a passion.

For the last 5 years I have managed jewelry booths at various festivals and craft fairs, held many open houses and displayed at 3 shops and countless home parties.  My jewelry was featured in a fashion show in Denver where I was able to accessorize models with my creations and watch them walk the runway like it was a “fashion week in Paris” dream!!!

I have participated in many charity events donating favorite pieces for auction and learning the value they were sold for in honor of the cause.

I have discovered that custom jewelry and new challenging ideas are an area that I am pretty good at.  I have custom designed everything from a simple everyday necklace to elaborate wedding jewelry for the bride and all her attendants, to a custom cuff bracelet for a mermaid at the Denver Aquarium.  I have taken pieces from old jewelry and up-cycled it into wearable pieces for today.  I have consulted women on how to accessorize jewelry with their wardrobes and even constructed new necklaces for myself on our way to church.  🙂

At this time I have been employed with Circle Graphics and I continue to remain busy with designing logos, wedding invitations and all things wedding, banners for all topics, and sell my jewelry on the side.  I enjoy exercising when I can and spending as much time as I can with my husband and kids.  The one question I hear all the time is “how do you find the time to make all this jewelry?”  Well the secret is…elves.  No not really, unless you count my daughter stringing a couple beads for me every now and then? 🙂  I look back and don’t really know how I am able to manage building all my jewelry…until I look at my floors and see dust bunnies.  😉  I learned in high school that by keeping my schedule full, I am able to budget my time wisely.  Give me a 4-5 hour chunk of time and I can rock and roll on constructing jewelry.  As artists we are always more critical of our own works than anyone else, so pricing has been one of the biggest challenges.  I have always thought that if I won the lottery (which I should probably start playing) than I would love to make jewelry and give it away.  I choose to keep my prices very reasonable to make it easier for everyone to enjoy decorating themselves.

I consider myself very fortunate to have so many friends and family support my business, but most of all I feel blessed to be molded by the Lords hands, and be given a talent that I can use to share with people around me.